Valgerður Ýr Magnúsdóttir is a visual artist, born in 1991 in Reykjavík, Iceland.

The power of color relationships plays a central role in Valgerður's practice. Her work explores the gestural and organic possibilities of industrial materials to create abstract formations. Driven by unpredictable results and the desire to extend the limitation of materials, her work frequently involves the process of dissolving through destruction and decay. In the work exhibited she approaches painting as an intersection in time, expanding on the questions about where the work comes from and its transition from the space of making to the space of exhibiting.



2018-2019 The Glasgow School of Art (one year completed).

2014-2017   Fine arts, Iceland Academy of the Arts. Bachelor degree.

2016             Exchange semester at Haute école des arts du Rhin, France.

2013             Semester at Krabbesholm Højskole, Denmark. Art department.

2011-2013   Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti, gymnasium. Textile and fashion design.


Solo exhibitions

Flöktandi, fljótandi. Gallerí Tukt, Reykjavík, Iceland. 2017.

Í ofgnótt, Iceland Academy of The Arts, Reykjavík, Iceland. 2016.

Group exhibitions


The Interim Show, The Glue Factory, Glasgow, Scotland.


Festival delle anime gentili/ Festival of gentle souls, San Lorenzo in Campo, Italy, curated by Bianca R. Schröder and Pietro Consolandi.

Bartók 1 galéria, Budapest, Hungary, curated by Márti Sipos and Kate Syme-Lamont.

59°54’41”N 10°45’28”E, Akademi rommet, Oslo, Norway, curated by Pietro Consolandi.


Folyam (at) ok, Jászbereny, Hungary.

Gestures. Reykjavík Art Museum Hafnarhús, Reykjavík, Iceland, curated by Thomas Pausz.

Aftur í líkamann, Algera studio, Reykjavík, Iceland. 

Koma, Skaftfell Center for Visual Arts, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, curated by Kristján Steigrímur and Björn Roth.


Le Blanc ment, Berlin University of the Arts, Berlin. 


Kling & Bang Gallery, Reykjavík, Iceland. 

Molinn, Reykjavík, Iceland. 

Kaffistofan, Reykjavík, Iceland. 

2015  Empty Your Pockets, Pocket Gallery, project in a collaboration with Ieva Grigelionyte.


Perlan, Reykjavík, Iceland.  

Gallery Tukt, Reykjavík, Iceland.


Four boxes, Skive, Denmark. 2013

Doubleganger, Vess showroom, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2013

Awards :

The Guðmunda Andrésdóttir support fund with the National Gallery of Iceland.


BARTR, Budapest Art Residency, Budapest, Hungary. April-June 2018. 

EEA European Exchange academy, educational program at the Nordic Artists Center, Norway, april-may 2015. 


Other projects

Art Camp, Jászbereny, Hungary 2017. 

Screening of a short film in Cinema Sõprus, Tallinn, Estonia. 2017.